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Sarah Stortz (left to right), Tana Gam-ad and Olivia Martin discuss an IowaWatch collaboration they did while reporters at the Cedar Falls High School student newspaper, the Tiger Hi-Line, in early 2016. This photo was taken on April 22, 2016, the day the story published. IowaWatch has won a Community Foundation of Johnson County grant to take on a similar high school journalism collaboration in 2017 that includes schools from Iowa City.

IowaWatch Wins Community Foundation Grant

The Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism-IowaWatch learned on Monday, Sept. 26, that it has won a $1,000 Community Foundation of Johnson County grant for a high school journalism project to be undertaken in 2017.

In the early 1900s a man could make a living as a rat catcher.

Iowa’s Most Wanted List In 1911

The rat, mice, and ground squirrel populations of Iowa were about to be drastically reduced if the state department of health commissioner had his way. In December 1911 Dr. Guilford Sumner issued a statement that was circulated throughout the state. He wanted to exterminate every rodent that potentially carried the bubonic plague, cholera or leprosy.

Using a high tunnel allows Rob Faux to extend his growing season, but it was also in the path of the spray in 2012 when an airplane accidentally dumped pesticides on his organic crops. The crops had to be destroyed and the fields and the produce in them couldn’t be re-certified as organic for three years, in 2015. This photo was taken April 29, 2016.

Sidebar: Organic Certification And Pesticide Drift

Organic farm certification is automatically reinstated after three years without additional chemical impacts. The three-year window is the same as the requirement that land, upon initial organic certification, must go through a three-year period in which no non-organic products are applied.

Wright County, Iowa, map from 1885

Iowa History: A Real Western Suffragette

In August 1910 the St. Louis Dispatch newspaper devoted a full page to a “Real Western Suffragette.” The reporter was writing about Carrie Vaughn Anderson, a former school teacher who was running for county recorder in Wright County, Iowa.